Monday, May 31, 2010

A Salute To Professional Commenters

Apparently Captcha works pretty well, as spammers have been forced to turn to actual human beings to spread links on blogs. Sweat shops are springing up the world over, although mostly in India and Asia where people sit at computers and post for hours at a time. I got over 300 comments in one day by such a method.

On one hand it's gratifying (slightly) to find myself on the radar of a spam network. On the other it's a little depressing to think of some poor (really poor) soul sitting at a terminal, posting link after link on blogs that they may not even be able to read.

So if you can read this, dear spam laborer. My hat is off to you and your boss. Congratulations on personalizing spam (slightly) and finding ever new and interesting ways to capitalize on the internet. I hope the few cents you earn posting encouraging messages and spam links are a help to you and your family. Even though I delete them almost instantly (and in most cases before they ever see the light of day) I want you to know that I am touched by your labors.

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