Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Memories: Part Two

Since the big kick off this last weekend we've been gleefully soaking up the Olympic goodness at a steady pace. Most of our viewing time is punctuated by a cute baby who takes it upon himself to push all the buttons on the front of the TV. While this used to create quite a ruckus, now it just creates a small, rectangular message window that announces that the buttons have been disabled. While somewhat annoying, it's a lot better than jumping suddenly to whatever Danielle Steele movie is playing on the next channel. And he is a very cute baby, that helps.

Miss O and I have spent a few quiet hours together while the rest of the house is quiet. The Missus went out to a craft night at church on Monday and me and my girl took in some snowboard cross and of course a healthy dose of figure skating. She's starting to catch on to the spirit of competition that the Olympics embodies. She was actually rooting for the Chinese at one point because they had such a good back story.

Tonight we saw the Flying Tomato (or Animal I guess it is now) grab some bur-hur-hur-hurly air on the half pipe. That... was pretty-frickin-sweet dude. Then we watched quite a few of the women down-hillers finish the course in various prone positions. And of course watching Lindsey Vonn take the lead by half a second on a bum leg and scream orgasmically did not suck.

We're just getting warmed up but I'm starting to remember the one great pitfall of watching the Olympics night after night. While the commercials are creative, well produced, and often quite touching, nobody has the gumption to make more than one for the duration. So I'm resigning myself to watching Anton Ohno break the ice loose and spin it around twenty times a night (selling God-knows-what... I sure don't) along with a host of other ads that I'm sure I'll be able to re-create in my minds eye in perfect detail as I fall asleep. What any of them are selling will likely remain a mystery.

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