Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Memories: Part One

You don't have to read this. I'm just writing it down for the purpose of remembering it later. When I went on my honeymoon to London, I thought it would be memorable so I kept a journal. Turns out it was a pretty good idea because now I can only remember the stuff that I wrote down at the time. The rest is a complete blank.

So this first few days of the Vancouver Olympics I spent fourteen hours watching, including a glorious four hours soaking up the opening ceremonies. The Parade of Nations that is the athletes entering the arena is always such a nice time. All the hopefulness and excitement on the athletes' faces. Not to mention the occasional chuckle at the sight of some tiny tropical nation that sent one skier and five overweight, middle-aged coaches.

Watching Apolo Ohno nearly get his ass handed to him on the short track only to have the Koreans miss out on closing the podium with a spectacular wipe out was pretty sweet. Although you could tell he was holding back with the celebration at being the most decorated winter competitor because he knew he got lucky. The other American, J.R., who placed right behind him was pretty grateful too.

All the modifications to the luge event upon the death of the Georgian before things got going don't seem to have done anything. Cutting 600 meters and a good deal of vertical rise out of the course hasn't stopped the sleds from hitting the ninety mile-per-hour mark.

Women's mogul had a pretty sweet finish. An eighteen year old Canadian who was the darling of the crowd took the lead for a moment until an American swooped down and clinched the gold with a really spectacular run. There were a lot of spectacular wipe outs as well, and a lot of commentary about knee surgery. Eeeeeuch!

Watching the mens Nordic race with the boys was pretty cool. They'd get into it for a few minutes when somebody did some spectacular shooting (or whiffed), but then they'd remember their shows on Qubo and get all agitated. (Speaking of agitated, H-Bomb left a pretty spectacular bite mark on J-Man's shoulder after dinner tonight.)

The real killer was watching short program couples skating with all the kids together. It was pretty loud and annoying for the tall people who wanted to hear the commentary, but the commentary from the peanut gallery was priceless. A couple quotes from The Missus' Twitter stream:

olympic moments with a 3yo, ice skating edition: i like the girl with the purple underwear.

Olympics with kids, 7yo edition: that man is *totally* wearing a onesie.

Now if our sick, sad baby ever gives up and goes to sleep there's just time to squeeze in a couple more hours of pleasant viewing.

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