Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Rembrandt

When I was in college studying theatrical lighting design I was faced with a minimum course requirement that put me officially on overload. I think it was if you were over 18 credit hours per semester. That left me looking for the easy way out on my liberal arts credits. I fount it right off the bat in a prof that taught art history, specifically baroque art.

It served me quite well. The classes were an absolute breeze. All you had to do was show up reasonably often, look at slides of paintings without falling asleep, and remember something about them come test time. I took every class she offered. And if not for her I would never have known about Caravaggio, which was quite the boon to the young student of lighting design. (That Bernini ain't no slouch neither.)

At any rate, one morning while peering up at the screen I got smacked in the face with this particular beauty of a sketch. It's a self portrait of Rembrandt, done when he was a similar age to myself at the time. And there I sat, looking at one of the most highly regarded of the Classical Masters... in a funny hat with a silly look on his face.

Now that is something I can identify with!

I don't think I need to go on at length about taking yourself too seriously. Just get out the silly hat and make a face. Go ahead and post the results here, I'd love to see em.

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