Monday, January 25, 2010

Back In The Saddle

After a prolonged burst of creativity I just sort of ran out of stuff to say. Over the course of a year and a half I put myself out there in four different blogs, nearly five hundred posts. And then one day the stress of job and home just got to be too much and sitting at the keyboard merely produced an hour or so of listless clicking before bed instead of any sort of cathartic experience.

After all that time building an audience and cementing some profound friendships through the aether I just, stopped. Twiddling with Effbook and mindless clicking were all I could muster. Then I took an idle poke at Twitter the other day and realized I cared again to put it simply. I had a couple exchanges with some old friends, one of whom had been on a similar hiatus. And the fire was back.

A few weeks ago someone leaned across the table at a production meeting for a musical I was mixing and said that they missed my posts here. It's high time I dusted off nine months of cobwebs and putting my thoughts into type once again. I wrote about some sort of mystical rejuvenation on my family-stuff blog the other day. That has something to do with it. But now on to the thought of the day.

I'm a little unhappy with my job. Grateful to have it but the more I look at my situation the worse it gets. People love me there and I make myself useful which goes a long way toward job satisfaction. But I looked at my finances and my future prospects and continuing to make the same money while everything else gets ever more expensive can only go on so long. And while a very short commute is a real bonus, putting some more miles on the truck would be an easy trade off if it meant not having to strain with every muscle to get those elusive ends to meet.

The problem is this: not many people have a use for a jack of all trades.

I grew up in a construction family. I built houses with my Dad for seventeen years and I learned how to do everything that goes on between digging the hole and laying out the doormat. I could likely find another small town builder who could use a man of many talents. But it's quite likely I'll spend a good deal of time laid off every year and while that works out for some, being out of work isn't an option for us.

The other option is to go into the trades for one of the big dogs. The problem in that arena is that I'm not a big dog. While I'm a pretty good electrician, wiring five houses a year isn't the same experience as pulling wires every single day. Same goes for framing, drywall, and so on. If I'm real lucky I can hone my skills in one particular area and maybe hit if off with a company, but that's just a wait and see game. Nothing's certain.

With all that said I do have one thing that I plan on using as my lead off when I finally do start sending out the resumes. Every place I've worked since I left the family biz has put me in charge after six months. In the IT department as a college intern, wound up in charge of projects right out of the box. Later on the Student Activities director tried for a year to get me to hire on after I graduated. The last construction company I worked for had me running jobs and slated to be the next foreman. And at my latest gig, I wind up sort of loosely in charge of keeping all the construction running smoothly. A ton of responsibility, a smidgen of extra pay, and absolutely no authority whatsoever.

So chew on that future prospective employer. I've got a largely unspecified skill set, dick for a resume and I'm somewhat shaggy-looking to boot. But gosh darn it... people like me.

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