Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Why Must I Be In Charge?

Ugh. Why is it that no matter where I go I get nominated to be in charge? Can't I just go to work, do some work and go home? WTF?!

Mere moments after completing a remodeling project that took five of the six months of my current employment as a maintenance mechanic at the hospital I got made the liaison between the hospital and (at last count) five companies taking care of various elements of a whopping great project on our other building.

Back in 2000 the two hospitals in town merged and started operating mostly at our North St facility. The Bank St building had a big do-up to house a lot of out patient stuff, and there's a drug rehabilitation facility on the second floor, but the other five floors are basically a shit mess. Soooooooo, in comes the cavalry to abate all the asbestos, turn the top four floors into senior living apartments and rehab the second floor. Without disturbing (too much) the current inhabitants.

This is my headache for at least the next six months. And that's just the first two floors! That's just to get all the asbestos out, patch, paint, get the druggies re-situated and leave the first floor still a hulking wreck. The developer for the top four floors hasn't even gotten started yet. That'll be another architect firm, another general contractor, and half a dozen trades companies.

At least I'm far away from my bosses and only have to speak to them occasionally. The only discernable benefit of working with all these companies is that they're really good at what they do. I like working with people who are good at what they do.

And I'm very nearly over (probably not) the fact that the hospital has secured for themselves a full blown (I have my own company cell phone!) project manager at mechanic's rate. Yeah, the guy juggling all this crap is making the exact same as the dude changing light bulbs. At least it's a resume builder. I may not even make out an actual resume (because my ass is definately in the market for a new job) I may just submit a piece of paper that says this on it:

Hire me, because everywhere else I've worked they have decided to put me in charge of stuff after the first twenty minutes.

I'm really going to try and bite my tongue about all this. I could easily fill a page with bile on a nightly basis. I was ready to punch my one boss in his fat, stupid mouth the other day. Oh! Funny story about that. I was walking down the deserted first floor hall at Bank St (the one about to be torn apart), bitching to a couple guys about punching my boss in the mouth. This floor is deserted. Not even the ghost goes there. And after shooting my big fat mouth off the whole length of the hallway and punching the elevator button who should come strolling out of a room at the other end? The CEO. That is seriously fupped duck. He likes me though so I'm pretty sure it won't mean my job or anything. There is cause to worry slightly though. The other day said boss encouraged a guy to say what was bothering him and when the guy exploded about what a shit mess our department is the boss wrote him up for bad attitude.

Done writing. Picture your humble host with a very Ward Cleaver expression on his face as he says to you, "I'm going to get intoxicated now."

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  1. So, if your employer sees this, you realize you could very well be "dooced" don't you? Maybe instead of firing you, they would force you to clean out even more asbestos. If this happens, let me know because I would then create a wikipedia page for you and try to coin the term "Mistered" which would mean when your employer discovers your blog and does't fire you, but instead forces you to work with hazardous materials.

  2. I was in a situation where three of us were in violation for not wearing hard hats. When hassled over it, one guy quit, one guy got written up. I put my hard hat on and got my hand shaken. I'm safe.

  3. intoxicated sounds good.

  4. I've got a new project coming up, I need a good leader, I'm nominating you to be in charge. What's your address? I'll mail you the details.

  5. @ mo - sounds good, you can just e-mail the project outline to my work address:

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