Sunday, April 19, 2009

So That Happened

This weekend was a real pisser. A lot of good stuff happened too but mostly it was just one kick in the pants after another. I realized something while I was home today recovering. Three friends of mine stuck it out at a very long, drawn out event that they didn't really have to be at. And not only that but they went way out of their way to help me out.

These guys drove all over the North Country to pick stuff up for me. They worked like dogs to get my sound system set up. They prayed for me when I was about to throw up from the stress of working a big, fupped duck gig and having my newborn baby in the hospital at the same time. They worked the kinks out of my neck. They poured me drinks and sat up late with me. They refused to let me pay for dinner.

Mack, Anth, Amanda... You guys are the real deal. There aren't words to describe it. I'd walk on razor blades for you. Because church events are nice, and theology is all good, but people who love God and their neighbor for real burn so brightly that they make everything else look like a dingy photograph.

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  1. I love good peeps, glad your see your holding the new baby!

  2. I heart you big brother!!!


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