Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pro Audio Here I Come?

I've been furtively wishing for about a month for some way to pursue a career in pro audio and yet not have my family starve to death in the street. Most guys that do it spend their mid-twenties honing their skills and developing contacts that lead to tours and the like. I spent that era of my life doing little shows in my home town and making babies. Not that I'm the least bit dissatisfied with how that played out, but I'm a little bit off the beaten path as far as advancing my career.

If I were to get a touring career going it could easily keep the family afloat. It has the sizable downside though of the feast-or-famine element. It's not so bad to think about being gone for six weeks at a stretch, but being gone for 300 days out of the year is probably a bit much for the Short People. Be home and starve or be gone and pay off the mortgage. It's a tough one.

After a little prayer a couple things (in typical fashion) have dropped into my lap. One is the Cornerstone festival. Last year I got an offer to work on one of the better independent stages there. It's pretty much the who's who of Christian music and a guy who gave away 1000 business cards could conceivably quit his day job shortly thereafter.

The other thing started off innocently enough, with a band asking me to guest engineer at a club. I made a favorable impression and the owner shortly asked me to cover a date for the house guy. That didn't work out, but after a second time mixing there and the house guy getting an unexpected promotion at his day job, I've suddenly been offered about as much work as I care to take. Small pay, but much easier in that I don't have to haul all my gear in. I just show up and mix. Despite being a small club they host national acts fairly regularly. This could be real good for a certain small town sound guy. It's already lead to one really good industry contact.

The thought of being on the road most of the time would be a lot easier to deal with if I was still twenty-five and living with my folks. The current situation with the mortgage and the Shorties who need lots of daddy-type attention makes things a little trickier. I'm not hanging my hopes on anything yet, but the daydream of getting phone calls to go do big bucks one offs for famous people is starting to take shape in the ol' noggin.

As with anything, God provides. He knows the deepest desires of my heart and has provided for their satisfaction in ways far better than I could ever imagine. If there's a way to do sound for a living and keep my peeps happy, I'm sure to find it.

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