Sunday, April 12, 2009

Changin' It Up Again

Things at work are starting to look a little dire. Management is... well... let's not talk about management. The thing that worries me is that yet another rat is about to jump ship and I'll likely be the one to get his duties dumped on me. I'm not the least bit interested in that. But, there's no better time to look for a job than when you're still employed. I'm just biding my time to see what comes down the pike.

I've been peeking around the pro audio scene to see what might come up. Nothing has been offered yet but it looks like a short tour and a pretty sweet festival stage could possibly be in the works. From there it's just a matter of networking. Not that I'm super excited about becoming self employed again, but if those types of gigs start coming along it could be a pretty sweet existence.

Mostly though I'm just praying and waiting. Anybody who was reading me back toward the end of the summer will remember how I was desperately praying for a new job in August and got hired at my current position on September 16. Yay God! It's that kind of thing that is making me go into this with very little worry about the mortgage, health insurance and all that other stuff. God knows my family needs to eat and go to the doctor and whatnot. He also knows I'd be a much happier guy if I was mixing for a living.

I haven't been thinking about this seriously for very long. I've been praying seriously about it for an even shorter time. The thing that keeps popping into my head is "July". You heard it here first. Stay tuned and see what shakes out.

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  1. I love some God mystery! I'm glued to my seat.


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