Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Token Of Our Appreciation

As a token of my appreciation of the downtrodden (read this post about a big dose of suck for a reward that ChurchPunkMom wrote) I would like to offer up my own similar story. It's a story of going the extra mile, putting others first, and keeping your word. It's also a story kind of like Office Space where there are too many bosses, and kind of like The Office where the big cheese is just totally effing a trifle out of touch.

The whole crew at work has been killing themselves for the last five months. Big remodeling project, lots of extra hours, not much time with the family. But at least there was the overtime pay. That is, until a month ago when that got yanked out from under us. Then it was the same routine of flogging us to go faster while constantly making revisions and moving up the deadline.

That made things a little harder to swallow. Small paycheck. Meh. But to make things all better we got a couple really nice perks. The first was that were were invited to attend (off the clock of course) the opening celebration of the completed project. All the cheese and crackers you want boys. Yeah, except that it wasn't really, totally done, so we were back in there the next day.

The crowning glory of it all though, the thing that really makes it all worth it was the grand gesture on the part of my big boss to really let us guys know that we were appreciated. We all got hand signed gift certificates... to the hospital snack shop... for three dollars.




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  1. $3? To the hospital snack shop??? you might just have me beat on 'suckiest consolation prize'..

  2. DAMN CUZ! Hey you could have the kids come over and let them each get a sucker! and you might even have some change left over to put in the vending machine later on!

    Don't you love working your ass off for "the man"!


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