Thursday, March 05, 2009

Primus Sucks And So Do You

For a giggle lately I've been filling the status on Effbook with lines from Primus songs. My college friends in particular have been forthcoming with the witty comments, line completions, and of course the obligatory "PRIMUS SUCKS!" I've been saving the responses and thought I'd stick a few up just for a laugh. (IF anyone needs to know, I'll explain the sucking but for now I'll just assume that you get it.)

Feb 23 11:53pm
Jon was a fireman. Richmond Engine No. 3.
Robb at 12:05am February 24
primus sucks.
Pamela at 12:12pm February 24
oh dear.

Feb 25
Jon came slidin' on down the alleyway like butter drippin' off a hot biscuit.
Michael at 9:01pm February 25
She knew what she wanted
Brian at 9:10pm February 25
she was looking for the he-cat.
Robb at 9:28am February 26
primus sucks.

Feb 26
Jon caught a hundred pound sturgeon on twenty pound test...
Troy at 11:13pm February 26
No way! Where post pics!
Sheila at 11:14pm February 26
you guys and your fishes.. I caught an 8lbs bass once with a little tiny wormie....
Matt at 11:23pm February 26
Fish On! Primus Sucks
Jon Dayton at 10:02pm February 27
DING! We have a winner!

Feb 28 2:37pm
Jon knows but one desire. Jon Dayton set's his skull on fire!
Kevin at 3:26pm February 28
Do you need an extinguisher?
Brett at 9:38am March 5
you make me giggle

I was thinking that Laquor Head was maybe too little know to get much of a reaction. Thanks to Brett for picking up the slack on that one. (You complete me Snookie.)

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