Friday, March 13, 2009

Pandora and Primus

OK, so I've got Primus on the brain lately. I can understand getting a little fed up with hearing about the same old thing all the time. But seriously, it's PRIMUS! If you don't know what I'm talking about then you need to go spend $3 on iTunes and download the top three songs. Listen to them till you know the words. Listen to them till you love them. Listen to them till you hate them. Naaaah. Won't happen.

So anyway, my Primus tapes from days of yore have long ago passed on into the greedy maw of some afflicted tape machine that clearly has no love of art or life. My Primus CDs are either so scratched as to be beyond rescue of modern technology, or stolen by friends of mine. And last but not least the iTunes gift card that I got for Christmas is almost gone. I'm seriously hurtin' for some Primus.

Not to worry.

Enter Pandora. My friend Tom turned me on to the website a couple years ago. You type in the name of an artist, it plays one of their tunes, a few from the same genre, then you get one from then again. You can skip ahead, vote thumbs up or down, and eventually it learns your preferences. Now you can get it on your iPod. Pretty frickin' sweet dude!

So when I really, really need to hear something I turn to Pandora and tonight I asked her for Primus. Apparently she hasn't got much in the way of teammates for Les and the boys. The first six tracks I got were either Primus or Claypool side projects. I say again, "Pretty FRICKIN' sweet dude!" She eventually came up with a couple R.A.T.M. tracks and one from Tool (eeeuch). Apparently I've reached the point in my jones-ing that I'm of the opinion that anybody who isn't Primus is an asshole and get's the big Thumbs Down. (I swear to God if I get Tool-ed again I'm switching over to YouTube)

If this goes on much longer I'm going to have to quit smoking so I can have a couple bucks free now and then to pick up the albums again. iTunes isn't going to do the trick. I'm going to need the complete just-bought-the-record experience with the liner notes and everything. I'm probably going to need the live DVDs. I'm writing out my Fathers' Day wish list already.

Likely next week I'll be over it and think that some other band is the coolest thing since individually wrapped slices of American cheese. Maybe not though. These guys are like the Mozart of my generation. A group that brought crunchy granola pot smoking hippies together with leather clad long haired headbangers in the same mosh pit to share the love. The shit is deep man.

Alright, alright. I'll stop accosting you with this. Blue Collar Tweakers just came on and I'm feeling like I need to mosh with the garden implements and shout, "HAI-yuh!" at all the proper places.

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  1. I love iTunes but I've been cross-checking a lot lately since they have more free downloads every week and CHEAP stuff! I'm still cursing that I missed the opportunity to download the new U2 album for $3.99. Oh well. Primus albums are $7.97 in some cases. Now pardon me while I head to my Zumba class with "Here Come The Bastards" cranked.

  2. I haven't hit up Amazon in a while. Then again, since I got an iPod I haven't wanted to.

  3. I use them sporadically depending on who has the better price. I like that their mp3s are DRM-free. iTunes is slowly making the switch to that at least.


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