Thursday, March 26, 2009

Once More Into The Breach

And that would not be breach birth for anyone who's curious. I'm just sitting around at my ordinary, average bedtime, thinking about tomorrow. I've got a week's worth of hospital work behind me, a gig in the morning, and quite likely... the birth of my fourth child.

Freaking out? Nah. We don't do that here. There's a distinct possibility that I will pile my contracting Missus into the truck at 5 am, drop her off at the hospital and go load in a show. Or I may have to leave in the middle or just miss it completely. That's kinda fupped duck. But whatever.

God's big enough for all of it and I've never found myself in a situation where everything wasn't provided for. So tomorrow's like any other day. There's nothing for it but to rub my eyes, slam a coffee, jam a hat on my head and charge.

See you on the other end.

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1 comment:

  1. here's to your day! (i'm giving you a toast w/ my coffee cup!) *clinky, clinky*


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