Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Medical Records

So the Big Boss of America wants the health care industry to get into the nineties already and do their record keeping on computers. That leads to my own big boss drafting me to lead the charge at our own local health care outpost. Don't send any congratulatory notes just yet though. I didn't get promoted to the IT department to implement vast subterranean data silos and super slick wrist watch data input devices for the docs.

I'm just the guy who has to build the shelves.

Shelves? Yeah. The plan for our hospital is to just try and get all the paper records all in one place and then slowly send the oldest ones out to get scanned until the pile is all gone. Brilliant.

So just how many shelves is that going to take?

My morning's work with a tape and calculator in the dusty archives produced the answer.

3,465 running feet of shelf space.

My task is to convert half an old auditorium in an off site building into a records room and figure out how to cram that much shelf space in there. The three foot wide, six shelf high units that we have some of already were my starting point. After a bit of scratching around I figured out how to cram 194 of them into a 32' by 50' space and still have the required three foot aisles in between. That's eight more than the target. Gold star for the electrician!

My only hope is that I'm the guy that gets to build the storage space for all the CD-ROMs when they're done. I'm thinking about a three foot long walnut shelf with hand carved scroll-work and brass hobnails. Maybe I'll commission a local artist to create a couple hobbit book ends for a finishing touch.

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  1. Damn Cuz! did you learn those math skills at good ole ACS? Way to go Mr. Graham!

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