Thursday, March 12, 2009

In This Economy

We had the TV on in the break room at lunch today on one of the news stations. Mostly because Gary Made-off-with-our-money was getting the book thrown at him and that was worth watching. Then the newscaster went on to spew about this industry and that business and how they were going to cope with this economy.

It got me to thinking that someday I may find myself looking back at news clips or articles from now and be able to identify them by the extreme overuse of the phrase: in this economy. Except that it's always the economy and the news is never good. There was the recession when I was in high school, the recession when I was in college, the dot-com bubble, junk bonds, the housing bubble. Times of financial woe and want are broken up (as far as the media is concerned) only by periods of wondering how long it will be until we're in trouble again.

I'm only groaning about this because every time something like this is getting flogged in the news I'm looking around and seeing the near total lack of effect on the area around me. Western New York is always depressed. We suck at life here and we're used to it. There hasn't been anything around to go bust since Big Steel kicked the bucket way back in the 70s.

I turn the radio on in my truck on the way to work hoping to hear the weather and all I hear is groaning about foreclosures. But I look around and for the most part it's not happening around here. Being a bunch of stupid, hay-seed hicks we have all purchased houses that are within our means and financed them with local banks. It may look like Deliverance out here to all you city kids, but at least we're not lying prostrate under 10,000 square foot McMansions that nobody wants to buy.

I'm sorry that all the people who make billboard sized televisions are going to be looking for work. Not all that sorry though because I never had any plans to buy one. We're busy reading books, and making things, and growing vegetables to lay up for the winter. Maybe my family should make a DVD about how to spend next to nothing and eat like kings. As long as it wasn't too pricey we could probably do land office business selling them to down and out workers in the luxury industry. My tomato patch would probably look awesome in hi-def.

Whups. I dun ran out of steam. Guess I'll go back in the house and do something frugal.

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