Monday, March 02, 2009

Heck With It

I was going to get on about work turning into a world class suck-a-thon lately. I turned a birthday party into a bitch fest last night when someone asked me how work was going though so I'm a little hesitant to get that particular ball rolling.

Suffice it to say that not even the current economic climate could stop three of my workmates from jumping ship since the first of the year. That was a little bit of perspective for me. I tend to the dramatic. I'm sure The Missus will testify in the comment section, but at least I have the satisfaction of predicting it. (Touche!) But when even guys who have been on the job for twenty years are complaining about how badly the shop is run, things are getting sketchy. So I guess my fantasy about throwing up the Double Deuce (two middle fingers for those who don't know about Strongbad) and trying to make ends meet in the production arena again aren't such a wild idea after all. The only good bit of news to surface is that the maintenance crew is exempt from layoffs because we have so many empty positions at the moment.

The whole place is talking about it. There's a bit of a bright side to that. All the grunts, the nurses and aides, housekeepers, techs and mechanics are for the most part awesome. They all have the same thing to say though. It's pretty much Office Space no matter where you go. Apparently four incompetent bosses is pretty much an industry standard, no matter what industry you happen to be in. The other guy who used to be self employed and I just look at each other and roll our eyes at the way things are done.

Whatever. It's close. It very nearly keeps the bills paid. And if you know where all the cameras are the coffee's free. I guess I'll keep the Dueces safely holstered until I can slip out some resumes to the local production companies. Peace... and I'm out.

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