Sunday, February 08, 2009

Do Unto Others

It never/always surprises me. The way that people treat each other and the way people react. It's so surprising the depths that people will go to, just to get ahead. It happens so often that I'm not even surprised.

What does surprise me is when people do what's right. Not like, jump back surprised, just pleasantly surprised. The other cheek is turned. The high ground is held. The oppressor is killed with kindness.

It's nice to have people like that around when I start to get all bogged down with looking out for number one. I got ahead in my business not by being particularly good at what I do, but by just being a nice guy. Like my father and grandfather before me I'm trying to be an upright Christian man in a corrupt world. It really helps to see someone else doing it too, Christian or not.

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