Saturday, January 03, 2009

Survey Results

THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! No really, there are real, actual results of a scientifically conducted survey that you may have taken part in in this post so you better not scroll past me in your reader.

First, if you haven't read the original post... you should.
Which One Are You?

And now on to the results. Twenty-four people chimed in on what member of the band they would date based on a rudimentary classification system designed by my friends and I in college.

Drummer 3 (12%)
Bass Player 6 (25%)
Rhythm Player 1 (4%)
Lead Guitar 4 (16%)
Lead Singer 2 (8%)
Keyboard Player 1 (4%)
Roadie 0
Lighting Guy 0
Sound Guy 7 (29%)

Many left comments as they voted. A lot of you were torn, having dated a drummer but being married to a singer now and so forth. Whatever, this is hardly scientific. It would seem that the vast majority were split between wanting to be the bass player's main squeeze and going steady with the sound guy. The supporting reasons for this are as follows:

The outline of the bass player's date is your basic cool-as-hell music scene type that everybody looks at to copy. The rest of you are all just kiss-asses because your host is a sound guy! HA!

Just kidding. This blog tends to be read by people who are smart and creative so of course they would want to be seen on the arm of the person who is the nexus of science and creativity (and who generally gets paid the most at the end of the night, I might add)... the sound engineer. And the rest of you voted according to your past histories which is totally fine too. Go with your bad selves.

So now that my little bit of slightly offensive fun with stereotypes has come to an end, I can free up some valuable real estate in the right hand column of my blog. I'm torn between throwing up another survey and joining Twitter. Not really, both of those seem a waste of time. I can give you a sample of what my twits would be like and be done with it:

I'm tired - 6 hours ago
I'm tired and hungry - 4 hours ago
I'm tired and hungry and cranky - 1 hour ago
I'm tired and hungry and tired of getting kicked in the face at bed time - 23 minutes ago
I'm tired and it's cold in the shop where I'm writing this post - 4 minutes ago

There, just saved myself another name and password to remember. Actually I was thinking about doing something to put the spotlight on my readers a little bit. Maybe a little box that contains the best lines from the comments section or just a "Featured Reader". Anyway, look for a little dose of you in the following posts.

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  1. A twit, huh?
    I think you should have a survey to determine if you should become a twit.


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