Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Year Blog-i-versary

Yup. I've been at it for a full year. One hundred and fifty-six posts later I'm pretty pleased with what blogging is doing for me. Not only do people read my stuff, but people I've never met read it and some of them are becoming the kind of friends that I hope to meet in person some day.

Thanks to all who stop in here and thanks to all the great writers who's work has helped me sharpen my craft. Now instead of looking forward to flopping in front of the TV, I look forward to my readin' and writin'. I was always jealous of people in the olden days who spent an hour a day looking after their correspondence, like Ben Franklin. Now I'm proud to say I've formed the habit.

My Missus is the real writer in the family, at least blog-wise. I'm not sure I'll ever be crafty enough to write the kinds of things that hundreds of people want to read every day. I've been pleasantly surprised to see my list of followers growing steadily this year though. I never would have guessed a year ago that blogging would be this good.

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  1. you's a good riter two, man.

  2. Luv ya Cuz! Thanks for posting for a whole year!


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