Thursday, January 22, 2009

In The Driver's Seat

If you're thinking that the title of this post sound suspiciously like the title of this post, you're right. A little while back I was planning to unofficially take charge of the remodeling project at the hospital. Not a big deal, just help keep all the details straight and everyone motivated.

Well, today my boss took me aside and officially put me in charge. Not that this is a huge deal since it just means doing what I was already doing. It does mean an extra fifty cents an hour though, so that's like an extra four hundred bucks over the next month. Pretty frickin sweet!

Except that after my big plans to grease the wheels and a pep talk from the boss, all the project guys got caught pettin' the puppy at coffee break this morning. That's our inside term for doing nothing. Yeah, busted on the forty five minute coffee break on the very first day of official leadership. Not a huge deal but now we've got to be even more on our game. At least until the boss has a day where he takes a forty five minute break.

The other super sweet news is that in the midst of the whole hospital bitching about the project being twenty-five thousand dollars over budget, our big boss re-crunched the numbers and had some really cool stuff to tell us. Our bid to do most of the work in-house saved the hospital something like a quarter million dollars. They wouldn't have even done the project if they had to hire all outside contractors. And as for being over budget, we actually came in twenty-five thousand under budget for the original scope. It was the fifty grand worth of add-ons and changes that pushed us over. So HA! The 'tato-head architechts (Sorry Gumbo) cost us thirteen thou just on stuff that they messed up. (I've always been of the opinion that architects should have to work on a crew for a year before they can get their stamp. Keep them grounded just a little.)

And that's the end of the tale I have to tell for today. I'm finally going to cuddle up with The Missus and watch the last hour of the first half of Pride and Prejudice tonight. Boo-Yah!

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