Friday, December 19, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I was totally starving this morning at coffee break. I don't make a habit of hitting the snack shop at the hospital, which is actually more of a diner. Usually I just get a cup of coffee from the cafeteria and get on with things. Today the special was eggs benedict though and I'm a sucker for some eggs benny.

As I rose to pay with my last three dollars the girl at the register took my ticket, and my money, then looked to her right and handed the money back. There was a woman at the first table looking at us. I tried to pay again and got waved off again. The woman was still looking at us. I thought maybe it was some hospital administrator doling out some holiday cheer. They do that I'm told.

But on closer inspection I finally realized that it was my dear friend V. The two of us used to practically live together in production meetings back in the heady days of concert promoting. Now we're both happily domesticated and we see each other in two minute bursts a couple times a year. She told me she was trying to remain incognito and just let me go about my business. Except for her new glasses throwing me off a little there was no chance of that.

I sat down for my happy two minute visit, got all caught up and went about my day buoyed up on a wave of friendly feelings and a belly full of eggs benny. Can I get a halleluja for Christmas spirit? Somebody in the back say amen!

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1 comment:

  1. vanessa11:13 AM

    It was a very cheap way to share some love with an old friend....I didnt want to interupt your work day - especially cuz your the "new guy" :)

    we will have to plan a outing with all our little guys to someplace fun - maybe Main Street Pizza or somewhere they can terrorize the place and they wont recognize us:)

    That is if the misses is feeling up to it...



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