Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Humbug

More and more we've been taking a break from the outside world. Once again, we wind up looking like a bunch of crunchy granola heads, but really it's not like that. Yeah, I get all my news second hand, but the benefit is that I only hear about the really big stuff and don't have to deal with all the minutiae that clogs the airwaves.

I know who the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus are, but I don't know what their music sounds like and I couldn't pick them out of a lineup. What are you? Some kind of hermit? you ask. But give a moment's thought and I bet you're a little bit jealous.

The really great thing about my lack of media input is that I'm not totally sick of Christmas advertisements. The only TV I catch is with the Short People for a couple hours on Saturday morning. They, of course, want every item from every commercial and I simply say, "I'll put it on your list." For once I'm not ready to gag on the constant barrage of tag lines for sixty dollar toys that only do one thing. Instead of a plastic doll that makes faux pee and poop on a plastic toilet, the kids have a wooden train set that they all love and share. The Missus and I have forty bucks left in the bank thanks to that manouver.

The thing that I'm really grateful for this holiday season is my near complete ignorance of the Trans Siberian Orchestra's date in Buffalo. Usually it's about nine days after Christmas and the commercials have me ready to shoot my radio. People think it's odd that a sound guy wouldn't want to go see a laser light Christmas rock show. I'd rather commit hari kari with a microphone stand. I'm still looking forward to singing Silent Night by candle light on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, it still seems a little strange to me how far from the beaten holiday path my family has wandered in the last few years. It's a pretty good place to be though. I'm constantly confronted with wide eyed stares when people find out that we've been done shopping for ages, aren't stressing about decorations and travel plans and are basically just having a time of it despite what the world around us is doing.

So Merry Christmas to you. Hopefully you're not overwhelmed by the season, and if you are I hope our foray off the beaten path encourages you to divert a little from the hysteria of it all and just have yourself a nice time.

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