Friday, December 19, 2008

Blessed Sleep

I went in to be tested at a sleep center last night. I'm not sure if I have sleep apnea or what but it's time to see what the frickin deal is. I'm guessing that it's probably just that I'm not nineteen anymore and I need more than the five or six hours that I'm getting every night. But it's going to take doctor's orders to get me to do that so I may as well see if there's anything else wrong first.

The whole setup is pretty sweet. I drove to a nondescript building that housed the sleep center and the office of a construction company. The tech there checked me in around nine and got me started. I filled out some paperwork and got ready for bed. It was kind of like being on vacation. The room was set up more like a hotel than a hospital and there were no cats or short people.

The last stage was a little weird. I sat in a chair in my drawers and a t-shirt and the tech strapped me up with all manner of equipment. Bands around my check to monitor my breathing, electrodes on my head for my brain waves, more electrodes on my face neck and legs and then an oxygen monitor that went on my finger. After all that stuff was in place I had to get into bed and make sure it all worked. Blink, breathe, wiggle. It stopped just short of the Hokey Pokey.

Then I read for ten minutes and couldn't keep em open any more. It took a little while to get to sleep though. The equipment wasn't all that cumbersome, but the camera had a pair of lights that kept blinking. I could see them through my eyelids. It wasn't all that distracting but knowing that I was on camera kept tripping my brain up.

Two extra hours of sleep with no cats on me was just the ticket. When the tech woke me up at five I came swimming up out of a dream and actually felt like getting up. I had to do all the little tricks again to make sure everything was still working all right and then I went off to work. The only down side to the whole thing was having tape stickum all over my neck and spots of conductive gel in my hair. Those got plastered with ceiling tile dust pretty quick at work but that was about it.

So that's it. Not particularly exciting but a novel experience nonetheless. If you were ever wondering about getting your sleep habits checked out that's what it's like.

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