Friday, November 28, 2008

Smile For The Birdie

LinkTwo of the comments on my last post were: The Missus reminding me that she is not loud (one more reason why we're married) and our friend V wanted to know if the new baby has a "bird" or a "koochie". Well, dear V, at the ultrasound appointment on Wednesday...

We got flipped the bird.

And how.

There was absolutely do doubt about it. So much so that even the non-ultrasound-technician type people in the room could spot it without help.

So yeah, two girls and four boys in our house, effective in April. Except for Miss O being royally ticked that it's not a girl we're in pretty good shape I think. All our offspring tend to be on the high strung side to some extent, but the Y chromosome crowd is a lot more easily distracted than the ladies are, so at least I'm good in the strategy department.

As for the rest of it. We're good at feeding em, free clothes show up by the bagful periodically, and the big ones like to help out with the littler ones. The only real problem is how to get another bedroom on the house by next summer. Looks like overtime is in order. Forward my mail to the hospital (where I do the overtime, not where I expect to recuperate from the overtime)

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  1. Well, I *used to be* loud(er) before there were sleeping kids. What was I saying? Oh...just bump out the back wall of the boys' room so it uses up the extra space over the kitchen and it can be the boy cave. Except for the little part about it being on the second floor.

  2. I'm down for some remodeling, if you so choose to use the available help. Or perhaps, it'll just be a way for you to get some time to yourself, every once in awhile. Either way, let me know if you want some help.


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