Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh What A Night

Additional Note: I wrote this post last night before the deadline and never hit submit. So now, here it is, late and on time at the same time. I Should re-name it the Schroedinger's Cat post. I'll spare you the geek factor and let you read about thought experiments and quantum mechanics only if you want to. And now back to your regularly scheduled post.

What a night tonight. I had to work late and got the annoyed phone call that goes along with that. A few minutes later I walked in the door with Kung Fu Panda under my arm. The Missus made pizza and a few minutes later we were munching, and laughing, and hi-YAH-ing in a most pleasant fashion.

It was somewhere along in there that The Missus asked me what I wanted for dinner. "?" I said. Turns out that Miss O was scheduled to spend the night with Grandma M and the boys were doing the same at Grandma D's house. We discussed everything from Mexican, locally to sushi in the Big City. After a bit, the movie was over, bellies were full and we began to pack.

I dropped Miss O off at her destination and jokingly told my Mom that The Missus and I were going to Target for our Anniversary date. That was what we did last year and I thought it might be a repeat. Turns out I was right. We couldn't think of where to go once we were free from the Short People and we weren't that hungry, so we just went to Target.

It was actually a pretty nice trip. I had my first drink from Fourbucks (Starbucks) and we picked up a couple Christmas presents. I ran into a few folks that I know from work and shows. We had a time of it. Then we ambled on down to O'Lacy's Pub for a pint of the Black Stuff (Guinness for you clear-beer wimps) and some fine dining. I had a corned beef on rye that was fit to make the angels weep and The Missus got the fish and chips which is the best we've ever had outside of Jolly Ol' England. (Yes, we have had fish and chips on the other side of the pond, read all about it when I get to posting about it on The Mister. I'm posting a miniseries about how we got together and it'll end with the honeymoon.)

So, with full bellies we retired to our humble abode. She was already in bed and I was in the shower when Grandma M called up to say that Miss O was having a hard time falling asleep, what with all the excitement of a new location and a big trip to the Corning Museum of Glass in the morning. So I walked down the street and found my beauty curled up in a nest she had built for herself outside my parent's room. (She didn't want to be downstairs, too far away.)

I snuggled up beside her and we were soon both fast asleep. I arose shortly before midnight with nearly two hours of blissful sleep under my belt and now here I am. Rested, well fed, and groggily basking in the pleasant afterglow of an unexpected date with my lovely wife. Ahh.

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