Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Quite

After a week of work and show on top of it I was feeling pretty good about myself. During a show week this summer I was teetering on the edge of a break down. This time I couldn't even see over the edge from where I was sitting. I had two whole days where I felt pretty good about myself after that.

Then The Missus asked how much I had in outstanding invoices at dinner tonight. Apparently not nearly enough to get us out of the proverbial woods. Dang, just when I was starting to look forward to buying some nice Christmas gifts for people this year. And the kids were a wreck, and the house is a mess, and she had a meeting she forgot about. I also pretty much forgot how to deal with my kids while I was gone last week. So now I'm feeling like a gigantic shit.

And to all that I assign a big WHATEVER!

Things have been bleaker, I've been shittier, the kids have been crazier and we've been broker... more broke, sorry. And that's all within the last calendar year. Eventually I manage to remind myself that there's a God around here who is interested in my welfare and has not once in thirty-two years let me down.

The good news is I can have all the overtime I want at work. I can pretty much move in there if I want to. In fact, the trend of wanting me to be in multiple roles at once seems to be sticking. I can do preventive maintenance all morning, work with the framers and drywallers all afternoon and stay all night to get the electricians caught up. Then they want to send me to school for building automation. (And the coffee's free if nobody's lookin!)

I just stared at that last paragraph for twenty minutes. I think I'm out of juice. Anyway, there's dishes, and the living room's a mess, and 5:30 is just around the corner. See you on pay-day.

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