Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Not Finished Line

The month of November draws to a close and here I am with my thirtieth post. Actually, I posted more than that. I got eight up over at The Mister so I don't feel bad about the two lame cell phone posts that I stuck in.

Actually, I feel like a lot of the posting I did this month was pretty lame. November is a pretty busy month for me and I feel like a lot of days all I did was tap out what I did at work or how much there was still to be done.

Still, it was a good exercise. A few days ago I was totally out of ideas and totally fed up with the sub-par content I had been posting so I turned to fiction. My pretend cousin Jill (of Daniels 5 fame) keeps writing rave reviews and my brother-in-law That alone is enough reason to continue the pursuit. If I can crank out enough short stories I may even get a few of them bound at the copy shop and give them away for Christmas.

So, all in all, many lame posts lead to a new outlet for creativity that I actually have time to pursue. Unlike ham radio, graphic art, or any number of other things I like to do in my (airquotes) spare time, writing fiction doesn't cost anything and if it's not a success the worst outcome will be booing from the peanut gallery. (Not that my dear cuz or my BIL would ever be so rude.) Pretty sweet.

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