Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nice To Meet You

Please pardon the interruption for a spot of bitching...

Last post I mentioned how I go to more meetings than a guy who wears a tool belt should reasonably be expected to go to. So, today the Royal Slumber was interrupted by a phone call.

Mister: ...'lo

Phone: It's Bryant from work. Snow Removal.

Mister: I'll be right there.

Time warp past several hours of time and a half and we find The Mister in a Post Snow Removal Wrap Up Meeting. Ya know... talk about what went well, what didn't go well, what broke, who's pecker froze and fell off, and so on. Without rising from his chair The Mister found himself sitting in the Weekly Shop Meeting and also talking about himself in the third person, like Bossy. After the second full hour of meetings The Mister had to hustle to get seated for four more hours of Customer Service Training. A brief leg stretch and the lunch hour had arrived. And that is how The Mister made it from 3 AM until noon, spending a total of five (frickin) hours in meetings.

But... when I got home tonight, it was time to pack the short people off to church for the community dinner. The entre was my very own dearly departed Grandma's meatloaf! I haven't had the pleasure since I was living at home. My revelry increased when The Missus informed me that the recipe had been published in the church cookbook and she'd be happy to make it for me. Joy!

That's about all the sauce I got for right now. Tune in tomorrow for my 20th straight post and 19th straight day of work. I'm comin after the record Super Jew, am I even close?

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  1. You know, even if you are - he'll never admit it.

  2. That talking in the third person thing? It's a hit with the ventriloquists.


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