Monday, November 03, 2008

A Mountain of Difficulty

What a day. Today we began to remodel half of the top floor of the hospital in earnest. I found out I was supposed to have today off, but then didn't because I was switching weekends with another guy, oh well. We worked along, rushing to finish our tasks before the asbestos crew kicked us out to do their thing. We were just about done right after lunch when an outside contractor drilled through a conduit and caused all the stairwell lights to go out. Oh yeah, and something else bad that I can't talk about but may have serious repercussions due to patient safety issues.

It was just about that time that I got a call on the radio to come to the shop for a phone call. It was The Missus. She had gone to the big city to pick up all the wireless microphones for both of the theatre productions I'm on this week. Then her car nearly dropped its transmission with two kids, a dozen mics and my mother on board. We had a couple phone conversations where I was being shouted at by co-workers and I was not very nice to her. But... a neighbor came to our rescue, drove to the big city, brought my short people home and cared for them, delivered my mics and The Missus got the car serviced and all's well that ends well.

Myeah... so that happened.

Off at my show tonight things were about the usual for the first full run through. That would be somewhere between falling down the stairs and train wreck on the Fupped Duck scale. Knowing that this would likely be the case I was sailing along feeling pretty good about things.

Here's the awful shame though. The civic organization that does this musical every year to raise money to send kids to camp ousted my favorite director. As a result about half the people who would normally be on the show aren't there out of protest. Usually I have a pretty good time back stage and it kind of makes it worth loosing eight days of my life. Not so much this time I'm thinking.

Ah well, at least it's an easy show and not likely to present any great hardships. By next Monday it'll be nothing but a memory and a big stinky check (and Singin' In The Rain stuck in my head for the next six weeks... oy.). I better hit the Publish Post button here or this will be tomorrow's post. See you in the details.

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  1. Hmm.. is it the rotary club that's doing the musical? I think one of my good friends is playing clarinet in the pit orchestra (Sean Krauss). He's also an English teacher for Batavia, but I don't know if that's your district.

  2. That's the verysame Rotary club. They really did not score on the whole directorship deal this year.

    Thank goodness Barack O'Boyfriend will be change for the better.


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