Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Moment Of Silence

I have been home with the kids all day and that is pretty sweet. Miss O left around ten for a birthday party so it was just me and the boys. They were content to watch Mary Poppins despite the plethora of viewing options on a Saturday morning... weirdos. Apart for their happy viewing the only disturbance was when one of them hit the other on the head. So I was free to lay on the couch and feel wretched. Show weeks are hell on the digestive system.

We shared a lunch of "biggedie ohs" and Mountain Dew, after which we all promptly fell asleep. Lil H-Bomb gave a sigh of relief as I set him in the bottom bunk, and J-Man didn't even have the sauce to put up a fight. I fell asleep next to him and only awoke because I had Buzz Witeyeaw in my eye.

Padding downstairs I was coLinknfronted by utter silence. It was so encompassing and soft that it was almost violent. SILENCE!!! I drank some water and it was quiet. I made some coffee and ate some crackers and it was quiet.

It's the kind of quiet that you only get on winter mornings with the pillow fluffed up over your ears and the blankets up to your nose and my house is full of it. It's so thick I want to cut off a chunk and eat it, maybe on toast. I hope The Missus gets back from shopping in time to enjoy some of it.

P.S. I am also feeling particularly happy because two of my favorite bloggers that I know IRL are coming to the show tonight. GreenPanda419 and SuperJew. Oh yeah! And SJ is bringing me and The Missus some serious sandwiches from Jim's Steak Out. Life is good!

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