Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Life Is But A Joke

Not to prattle on too much about the show(s) this week but, it's pretty much an all-encompassing element of my life until Sunday and I haven't got much time free to think about interesting stuff to write about.

So tonight I'm clearing my mind of all the annoyances of the day and enjoying the replay of the good stuff that happened. The dress rehearsal was miserable, which is just what you want. Bad dress equals good opening. It's a little known bit of theatre superstition but way more important than not saying, "Good Luck" or mentioning That Scottish Play in terms of production mojo. So that's actually a good thing.

The other good part of the day was the kids that got assigned to help me out. They've done a few shows but are basically self-taught and still pretty green. So in addition to showing them the ropes and giving away all my hard-won secrets, I'm pretty much marinating them in the dry, cynical humor that comes so easily to us jaded industry types. And man, do they eat that shit up!

I only had about ten minutes to do any actual material but I had em in stitches. It's nice to have an easy room once in a while and do a bunch of bits that only theatre people get. But enough about that. I also had a really good time with my own short people today, which you can read about on my daddy-type-stuff blog: The Mister.

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  1. are you talking about macbeth?

    really. maybe i have heard about that scottish play but i can't remember.

  2. and i can mention it, because it doesn't matter to me if it crashes and burns. you get paid either way. and if it burns, maybe they'll get l. back.


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