Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Good To Know

So the other night, I'm driving to the gig and there's this truck behind me. Honking. Geez dude, can't you see that there's like fourteen people going slower than me up here?! The night after that a car whizzed past while I was waiting to turn left and I heard, "Get a real job!" Today that same truck passed by while I was outside at work and the driver called me a lazy bastard. Then The Viking called me to let me know he still loved me.

"Geez" I said, "I'm glad that turned out to be you. I was kinda worried about you living in this neighborhood. The motorists around here are so aggressive lately... and critical!"

The Viking and I have a long tradition of vehicular animosity in the name of fun. It all started one day with him parked on the street and shouting a "Hello!" when I was driving the other way. I flipped him off just for fun and it was hilarious! After a while it got so we'd just flip each other off whenever we saw each other on the road. There was one fine instance where I was ahead of him, turning left, and had to reach way out so he'd see my salute. Four other drivers came screeching to a halt.

That probably would have signaled a good time to stop for most people but we decided it was high time we enlist more people in the fun. So we got our friend Chris in on the game. He picked up on it right away. One Saturday morning I was out running errands with Miss O. I was at a light and he turned left across my port bow and raised the flag. Now... the guy's a frickin marshwiggle! (see: Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair) I mean he's got fingers like cornstalks! It was like getting poked in the eye with a telephone pole!

Not that I'm condoning random acts of birdflipping against strangers here, but your friends are a different story. The next time you see someone down in the dumps coming toward you (and you know they can handle it) give em part of a wave (as our old plumber used to call it) and a big grin and see if they don't crack up laughing.

P.S. Checking in on my dashboard just now I see that I'm up to six followers! I never thought I'd see the day. Big love goin' out to Ree at Hotfessional and one of our favorite former babysitters, Danae at Beauty In Distress.

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  1. nice of those two to be my followers. :flippingyoualloff:

  2. I love that I am the "former babysitter," lol. At least I am a favorite! ;)


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