Sunday, November 02, 2008

In Which I Work

OK. I've never liked it when people complain about how much they have to do. I'm about to do that though, knowing full well that my friend Anthony is going to read this and say, "96 hours on the clock... how many days did you take off?" But seriously folks, I've got a couple things to do around here.

On Thursday I've got three shows going simultaneously. One is an annual musical production that pays big bucks and for that reason is the one that my body will actually be at. The second is a drama production at my old high school where an eighth grader will be mixing on my behalf and texting me if problems arise. The third will be a pole speaker gig (translation: very small) at a country club that I only have to set up and take down, they have an op as well. The rest of the days this week it'll just be the two theater productions and work.

Oh yeah, work. Monday starts the renovation of half of the fourth floor at the hospital I work at. The bids came in too high from the contractors so we're doing a bunch of it in house. That means on top of the usual pile of stuff that we can never seem to get to the bottom of, we've all got full time jobs up on Four. Today marked the start of mandatory overtime.

So, starting today (the 2nd) at 10 AM, I'll be going straight through till dinner time on the 21st with no days off.

Then I am going to sleep in despite the best attempts of my family to wake me. When I finally do rise on that blessed Saturday morn I will commence to develop a serious drinking problem that I will cultivate as long as I possibly can without interfering with my obligation to preach the following Sunday.

The only other thing I have to say is that it will likely be a spectacular Christmas this year. And by spectacular I mean that we might have a few extra bucks to spend on actual presents in the event that all this overtime gets us caught up financially.


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  1. work... my husband does that. a lot. keeps him really busy and shit.

    me? notsomuch. i sit on my ass and eat bonbons and watch soap operas.

  2. Yeah, you weren't really nice.

    And I never get a day off from my job. So I completely understand how you feel.

  3. and bitching is a good tag for this post.

    enjoy your bender. i'll still be working.

  4. Hey now... there was nothing in my post to detract from how much you do.

    I would add, in my defense, that there is no nap time where I work.

  5. That's at least 3 days off dude. At least.


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