Friday, November 07, 2008

Feelin' Fine

Today was a pay day. Pretty frickin sweet. We've been penniless for the better part of a week and it felt really great to make that deposit today. The difference between feeling great and really being in the dumps for me is having the bills paid and a couple fives in my pocket. It doesn't take much.

The show ran great tonight, after a real train wreck of an opener last night, topped off with not making it to bed until 1:30 to rise again at 5:30. But somehow, the headache and nausea faded with the sunrise and I had a great day at work. I was in a great mood and got a ton of stuff done. I spent some time with the fam and there were no major technical glitches in the show. Life is good.

I wish I had more to say, I feel like kind of a schmo just writing what's basically a log of my activities. Shortly though, show week will be over and I'll rotate back to the world. Then I might have a brain cell left to write something slightly more creative.

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