Saturday, November 01, 2008

Family Madness

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Well, I opted in on writing a post a day for the month of November. NaBloPoMo offers a theme that you can stick to (or not) and I was actually looking forward to having to stretch a little and work within the boundaries. Whatever though. November is always a pretty full month for me anyway, this week I have two theatrical productions on top of the day job so I guess I'll just try and keep up the pace on top of that.

Today I'm mostly thinking about family insanity. Every once in a while I get an objective look at how crazy things are around here. Lately I've been talking with a lot of people who don't have families and at first I was feeling envious of their off time. Then I realized that my life is full of my family. That's what I always wanted most of all and really, there's not much on TV anyway.

Around the time of my marriage, one of the pearls of wisdom I received was that you not only marry your wife, but the insanity of her family as well. You can say that again! Not that her family is really all that neurotic, but it's a different kind of crazy than I grew up with and it took some getting used to. For example, my family keeps the furniture just so, you buy a new couch, it goes where the old one was. Her family will jump up on a commercial break, rearrange the living room and sit back down to watch the end of Jeopardy.

Then there's the madness that surrounds building a family. Before we were really even used to being married to one another, The Missus got pregnant with our first. In the nearly seven years of our marriage, she's been either pregnant or recovering from it for nearly four. Pregnant women are crazy. She'll be the first to admit it. In addition to all the physical ailments that go along with it, there's the "Baby Ate My Brain" effect which is particularly frustrating for someone as intelligent as my wife. So, for four out of seven years, I've been reading her mind and completing her sentences just to get through basic stuff like cooking dinner.

The madness continues when the little ones arrive. All the panic, wonder and excitement of awaiting your first child dissolves into a wondrous love explosion the first time you see the babe. Then after about twenty-four hours it starts to wear off and you're just tired. The phrase, "you hurt the ones you love the most" comes into play constantly. Exhausted parents and cranky children do more to wound each other than any other demographic I bet. But then there's the good moments. Sometimes even the bad moments are good. Kids can be so darn entertaining when they're being bad.

But after a while, all this craziness becomes normal. You go through things that would turn other peoples' hair white just for fun on a Saturday afternoon. People watch the Duggers and their eighteen children on TV with their mouthes hanging open in disbelief. I look at those people the same way sometimes. Why would you opt out of a little work and organization and also take a pass on all the glorious moments that raising children brings?

Anyway, I don't often give any though to where my career might have gone if I didn't have kids. I give even less though to what I'm missing on TV or in the social activities that other people use to fill up their time. My dance card is full of people that only have eyes for me. There's really not anything better than being locked in life's asylum with my crazy wife and certifiable children. We're pretty comfortable in our loony bin.

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  1. it's not crazy. it's delightfully neurotic. that's what you said!!


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