Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back To My Regularly Scheduled Program

At last my week of theatre is at an end and I can rotate back to the world. Shows are good but when they're not great it's kind of a chore. Not that this years cast didn't do a good job, but the bar is set kind of high for them by previous efforts. Singin' In The Rain is pretty much a fluff piece, even when the male lead is channeling Fred Astaire and the comic relief is world class. Last year had me in front of The Pirates of Penzance and for a goof like me it's hard to top a farce. That and when a cast of sixty belts out "Hail Poetry" in Act II I'm not ashamed to admit that a real tear forms in the corner of my eye.

Working on drama for drama's sake has gotten me to thinking about all the drama of my daily life. Everybody at my house is a bit of a chronic over-reactor. I'm thinking we gave the children the double recessive gene for that. The guys I work for aren't union but have a similar mentality, there's a lot of nitpicking about everything that goes on. I guess that's why it's nice to do some drama once in a while because for me at least, the drama goes away for a week.

As the Sound Guy I have a measure of authority. The director, stage crew, technicians and actors all more or less pay attention to what I have to say. The theatre is also one place where my own modus operandi has some sort of real influence on people. Because I've built up a reputation for overcoming obstacles and getting the job done I can get people to chill out.

A simple, "Yup, sorry" at notes instead of a drawn out excuse goes a long way toward pacifying a director and showing other people how things get done. Saying things like, "I'm not sure if I can do that but let me look in to it" helps get my cohorts in the right frame of mind. I'm not blowing my own horn here, the musical director, choreographer and stage crew all operate the same way. We're all pulling together and making allowances for one another's shortcomings. As a result, the actors feel very comfortable and can get on with the business of perfecting their parts. It's a nice way to operate for a week.

And as much as shows are challenging and work is irritating and both are fulfilling at the same time, the real treasure in my life is a wife that really loves me, kids that adore me and a handful of real friends. I know it sounds like something from a greeting card but that's the fact. I'm a wealthy man.

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