Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Agony of Meetings

My job as a maintenance mechanic has me going to a lot more meetings than a guy who wears a tool belt to work should reasonably have to attend. At least they're mostly productive. When there's one blow-hard from administration in the room and a dozen guys who've got shit to do, it had better be a productive meeting.

Not so, for the meeting at church tonight. I've been blessed to be called upon to help out a neighboring church by preaching every so often. There's a dozen or so people from my church that help out at two other churches in the neighborhood. Tonight there was a meeting so that the District Superintendant (hereafter referred to as DS) could get a feel for what we're doing.

The first twenty minutes we just went around the table, introducing ourselves and giving our thoughts on how things were working out. The consensus seemed to be that everyone was happy and any glitches were getting worked out in the aisle on Sunday or with a quick phone call. Then we spent the rest of the first hour beating that horse until it was abundantly obvious that it was good and fricking dead.

The last half hour (actually, the last half hour that I was there for) was just abysmal. The topic wasn't really appropriate to bring it up at the meeting so I won't bring it up here. But the DS droned on about it until all of the people I could see from where I was sitting looked slightly queasy. When she finally got ready to move on I got up to go to the bathroom. I realized on the way that I was just going to decide to go home so I went back for my coat and left. Turns out that most of the rest of the folks would have left too, but my sense of propriety and decorum is distinctly underdeveloped (I'm rude). I did manage not to say, "This sucks! I got stuff I gotta do."

I went home and got ready to take a shower, not just because I was pretty funky from work, but because, as always... (sigh) dealing with church administrators makes me feel like I need to wash! I'm pretty blessed to go to a church where people just love each other and act like they love each other and the preacher says things that are worth remembering. The only way I'm going to any more meetings to facilitate that is if the DS is present so that I can have the pleasure of walking out.

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