Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Gandalf

I was asked once what I thought about the idea of a sound engineer in a theater doing a workshop for the actors and other techs to show them what the sound was all about. I thought it was a terrible idea and went on at length about it. The short answer is that people who hire sound guys don't want to know all the technical ins and outs. They want the guy in the black t-shirt to work his magic and not have to think about how it happens (make it out to cash please!).

I was watching the Veggie Tales send up of Lord of the Rings (Lord of the Beans, well worth the price of a rental, even if you're not into Jesus or singing salad). They parody the scene where Frodo meets Gandalf on the way in and I, of course, was drawing parallels to the way the scene was handled in the movie and the original text. It's what production people do, there is no suspension of disbelief for us, it's our cross to bear (no pun intended). Then I got to drawing parallels between Gandalf and the sound guy. Here they are:

The sound guy
  • Is never early or late, he always arrives exactly when he intends to.
  • Is wise and mysterious, never letting on as to the nature of his arcane craft.
  • Frequently disappears exactly when you think you need him most.
  • Turns out to in actuality be saving the day behind the scenes when this occurs.
  • Is cryptic or silent when you want an explanation of same.
  • Gets factions who would otherwise be at each others throats to function together for a common goal.
  • Dresses oddly and quite often has a long beard.
  • Can basically do magic... which is why you're glad to have him around and also often equally glad to not have him around. Too much adventure is hard on the average hobbit.

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  1. i shave my toes regularly to avoid being called out for the hobbit i truly am.

  2. Pamela you and my college roomate would have been best friends with your hairy toes!!!

    Damn mister and I voted for the drummer, now that I see how aweseom the sound guy is I might change my vote!

  3. the v1:22 PM are you bob or larry???

  4. I may make the distinction as a decent or good sound guy as opposed to a terrible one who really doesn't fall into much of that. Pardon me as I am slightly bitter due to the overwhelming amount of decent/good sound guys who end up behind the scenes while the bad ones are at the local venues.

  5. Hey Gandalf..could you do something about the all the sound at my house? It was out of control this morning - we could use a little of this magic you speak of.


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