Friday, October 17, 2008

Fatty! (Updated)

OK, gimme a minute to roll into this one. Thatgirl posted about Bad-Ass Geek's post about a letter he wrote. I realize that it's a lot of clicks right off the bat but you don't have to actually read that stuff for the rest of this post to be relevant. I'm just laying out what lead me into this rant. (BTW both of those blogs are totally worth your time so click on over there when I'm done bitching.)


I'm sick to DEATH of FAT people!!!

Seriously. People from India come here and are amazed to find that the POOR PEOPLE ARE FAT!!! That's by far the most condemning statement I've ever heard about our country. But enough perspective, I'm venting here.

I am sick to fucking death of trying to get through the grocery store and getting stuck in EVERY AISLE behind some waddling behemoth. I need a single item most times I go in, and I gotta get stuck behind some wheezing, mouth breathing LARD bucket. It's worse than being stuck in traffic because instead of having the back of a vehicle to stare at, I'm stuck watching buttocks the size of Volkswagons whallup up and down. I pause briefly to attach the word PONDEROUS to a pair of cankles while diverting my eyes downward to a pair of sneakers mashed flat by the pounding they take from their owner who's busy gawping at pre-packaged, six hundred calorie confections .

What the hell is wrong with you people!? is a question I don't even have to ask. I know the answer...

Complete lack of personal responsibility.

That's not fair you say. Life is so difficult these days, people don't have time to take care of themselves. BULL-SHIT! I have some tolerance for people who are carrying a few extra pounds for whatever reson, just had a baby, can't work out as much. But... I will not be told that I have to be tolerant of disgusting fatbodies who are in a very real and medical sense killing themselves with food and inactivity.

But it's not hurting you. What business is it of yours? you say. Well, it is. My insurance goes up every time some fat lump has a coronary because they couldn't be bothered to exercise even a little. My life get's held up on a daily basis because some flabby pudding of a person is in my way and there's not enough room for me to slide by their saddlebags of lard. Did you know that every hospital and ambulance service in the country is having to invest tens of thousands of dollars on reinforced, oversize gurneys and wheelchairs? Many are actually investing in derricks to help the staff move obese patients. Still think I'm overreacting?

So here's what to do if this is you. Exert one iota of self control in your eating habits. Leave one stinkin Oreo in the package you're about to kill. Drink one less liter of pop in a day and have a glass of water instead. Read the label on one think that you eat. Find one thing you could do in the kitchen to be just the slightest bit healthier. Skip one rerun on TV and take a walk. Just make the tiniest of incremental changes in your porcine lifestyle and see if it doesn't kill you. See if you don't feel the tiniest bit better for it.

What's more important is if it's not you, to start exerting some pressure on your friends and family who fit this description. Because it's disgusting. Because it's unattractive. Because it's not acceptable to have the underlying cause of someone's death be FAT.


OK, I should have been way more specific in who I wasn't including in my rant. My own Missus has been having babies right along here and is having trouble getting her weight down. She's also in the top ten healthiest eaters I know. There are also a good number of people I know who carry some extra poundage because of genetics, chemical imbalances, glandular disorders, and so on. Those people have enough to deal with and aren't contributing to their condition on a daily basis.

I also know some of people (personally, not just from seeing them at the grocery store) who are the sole cause of their condition. And I'm not talking about people who just have a few extra pounds on. I'm talking about people with arms the size of my children who have difficulty moving and breathing and have given themselves diabetes because they are over the four hundred pound mark. The reason they're there is their atrocious eating habits and their complete lack of interest in changing them, even the slightest little bit.

Again, not slamming people who are the victims of circumstance and who life fairly healthy lives. I'm slamming people who order several pizzas for dinner, several times a week. People who don't even consider bagging their lunch even when hunting down fast food is an inconvenience. It's that sort of behavior, not the actual condition it causes really, that drives me to distraction. When it's as simple as slowly changing your eating habits and gradually increasing physical activity, where's the difficulty.

This is a real issue. When I was in high school, sure, there were a few fat kids. Now half of the athletes are chunky. Food is like an unregulated drug in this country and as such, it seems that the country feels that it's OK to eat whatever they want. You can't argue the fact that Americans are grossly uninformed when you see fourteen year olds on TV who are sad because they'd like to loose weight, but can't afford to eat at Subway twice a day. Like that's the only solution?!

The end of this post originally included a plea to get after people who are killing themselves at the dinner table. Obesity is quite literally killing people I know and love. In a lot of cases it's a curable condition. I'm going to end this now before I have to point the finger at myself over smoking, whups... too late, but do you see the parallel?

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  1. Well, then. Did somebody miss out on his morning donut because fat camp took a field trip to the Krispy Kreme today?

  2. Actually I had three donuts on Friday. Maybe it was cholesterol poisoning that had me so ticked off.

    (I also walked nearly 10 miles at work on Friday so that takes care of that.)

  3. I totally agree. It pisses me off so much when I see a FAT person getting out of their car in an accessible spot. They should make FAT people spots in the back of the lot! After all they could use the "exercise."

  4. It makes me wonder if we could harvest the fat that these people are producing and break it down into ethanol or some other usable substance. At least then FAT people would have some value to me.

    And dont get me started on FAT32 people... or NTFS people... they REALLY piss me off.

  5. vanessa2:03 PM

    well...I am completly insulted. I have always had a problem with weight. I dont eat oreos by the container, ice cream by the gallon, or any other sugar inducted producted in bulk. I do only have one kidney and have problems.
    my father is extremely overweight. His health is a concern of mine. but my dad is not a lazy ass welfare slob who hasnt worked a day in his life. He works 2 jobs now that he has retired. to hear someone who i felt was a christian friend insult me and more than i can take without shedding a tear.
    Words hurt ! I could throw some at you...but i would not hurt someone who I care about in that way.
    I could go on about how it seems mean and not at all christ like to hate us fat people but you know that ...

    I understand that it can be upsetting to see people who do not work, earn their food or shelter - sit around and get large. But there are those of us who work 50 hours aweek - have children and struggle with weight.

    I really hope that this type of hatred doesnt affect your family.

  6. First of all, gluttony is a sin according to my bible. So is smoking. I was not going to comment on this one, because I smoke, and I am infuriated when obese people lecture me about smoking.

    BUT I don't think Mister is a hateful person - I think he's making good (even if they aren't PC) points here. I spent a while in Europe and I saw a handful of overweight people there - a.hand.full! Part of the blame is personal resonsibility, part of it is ignorance, part of it is unresolved emotional issues, and part of it is corporate greed. And yes, it IS making all of our premiums go up - and helping to bankrupt medicaid/care..(so is smoking, I hate to face it, but it is)..

    I don't think Mister's point here is 'go hate fat people!' I think his point is that we need to stop with all this "big is beautiful" crap, stop letting loved ones become 'comfortable' in a 400lb body..stop buying so much fast food! Stop feeding your children crap, encourage exercise, etc. This is his blog and he's allowed to rant.

  7. Ouch people, if you go back and read Mister points out that he is not pointing the finger at people who have reason to be over weight. he is speaking of the people who have no reason to be over weight except for pure lack of personl responsibility.


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