Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Doldrums

Alas, I am at a loss. It's tough to write when there's nothing wrong. All the best stuff comes from tension and angst. Then you can contrast it against the few nice things that happen along the way and everyone thinks you're well balanced.

Welp... I got nothin! There is very nearly a complete lack of drama in my life. Apart from my three year old acting his age, and a slight cash flow issue all is right with the world. But, eventually he'll turn four and eventually the checks will start coming from the new job (hopefully the latter occurs before the former).

I've been watching my hits decline and I feel like I owe anyone who shows up something in return for the half calorie they expended clicking on their bookmark tab. Yeah, yeah, I know, blogging about blogging is supposed to be off limits but you come here to read about all the twists and turns of my life and this is it right now.

This is actually one of the topics I talk about a lot with my friends. Nearly everyone I know is of the "Type A" persuasion. Let me amend that a little: most of my friends are motivated to keep busy. I don't hang around with actual "Type A" types. They tend to make my paradigm coagulate and anyone who knows me knows that I like mine nice and squishy around the edges.

Anyway, a lot of times people who are busy every minute, including myself, find they have a lot of trouble with having time off. Without rambling on and on about it let me just say that I've read a lot of stuff in the Bible about there being peace and rest when you're waiting.

So, I find myself in the doldrums, slack sails hanging from the rigging and a glassy sea lapping at the hull. Many would go below decks in search of the oars. Not this guy. I'm tying my hammock into the rigging and slouching into it with my hat over my eyes. There's no such thing as smooth sailing, just short breaks when the wind dies down.

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  1. when you have nothing to do, is when you are supposed to start planning your vacation!

  2. ummm, unless i am wrong, and i am never wrong, you are married to a type a?


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