Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Two Cents Worth

I dunno if anybody noticed, but I finally succumbed to my inner capitalist and put Google ads on my blogs. Real tiny ones cause hey, I'm not a total whore for money. Mostly I just like to quantize things, so any means of tracking hits to my stuff is appealing to me. Hey, why not count hits until Google sends me a check?

So I've been logging in to AdSense for my daily fix of numbers and slowly watching the impressions climb. And then, somewhere around the 300 mark, there was two cents in the total box at the bottom. Joy! Maybe this is mundane to everyone else but the concept is totally blowing my mind. Six months ago I thought blogging was nonsense. Now there are half a dozen that I can't live without checking three times a day, I have two of my own (thinking about starting two more actually) and for some reason... not only do people read this shit, but other people are willing to spend real advertising dollars on me when I attract them!

What a world... what a world.

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