Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keys To The Castle

I went in to work at the hospital today, my first day on the maintenance crew. I knew there would be a lot of things to get used to. The thing that really blew my mind though, the thing that really turned my paradigm into Jello:

They gave me keys.

First thing. Here ya go, here's your keys, here's your name tag, we'll have a radio for ya tomorrow. That took me a minute to wrap my mind around.

It flipped me out even more when one of the guys went over the ring with me. Here's the master for all the outside doors, and here's the grand master for all the inside doors, electrical panels, some of the closets, blah blah blah blah.

Wait a minute...

You guys just gave me the. Keys. To. Everything. I think I actually sprained my frontal lobe trying to wrap it around that. To think that I, just a kid still in my own mind anyway, get's a set of keys that let me go anywhere at all in the building.

Of course, you say, doesn't a maintenance man need to be able to get to all the stuff to be able to fix it when it breaks? Yeah, but there's all kinds of stuff in there too! These people trust me, on the basis of a couple interviews, some personal references and a blood test, to traipse all over their hospital, where sensitive information abounds. Yeah, yeah, there is that non-disclosure thing that would get be booted and sued and possibly locked up, but still.

Holy crap I'm a grown up!

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  1. I think I laughed more reading this post than I did from the "Which one are you?" post. By the way, I would totally date the sound guy (how you doing).

  2. Damn man. I've been working at this place for two years, and the only way I got a key to the safe so I can count the money in the store was to take the girl who I was seeing at the times key when she quit. I still don't have keys to my own store. And you get keys to a hospital. Lets trade. I'll make us both a lot of money. Hah.

  3. Hey!! Welcome to your 30's dude! i take it your slip didn't come in the mail either, I'm waiting to get mine that expains how i'm supposed to live out my next 10 years! HOpe yours comes soon, meanwhile don't lose those things!


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