Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Some Stuff

I just realized that I've been saying on my other blog that I've been writing over here, but that I actually haven't in a little while so I thought I'd better get after that. I knew maintaining two blogs was going to be some work sometimes, ah well. I'm penning this somewhat after two A.M. local time because I'm all messed up on sleep tonight. The boys were having trouble getting to sleep so I stayed in their room for a while... on the floor, on my back, on the bare yellow pine floor. So three hours later my brain was somewhat rested but my spine is likely to be pissed at me for the rest of tomorrow, today, whatever.

For anybody not following the job saga, I quit, secured another job, then went back to get my former boss out of a pickle. The barn we were building needs to have the front half finished by the end of the week so they can move cows in, that included 80% of the wiring so I've been doing that. The Missus hasn't been too happy about that, but she's the only one. I've sorted out most of the stress with the boss and doing the work is relieving me of a load of guilt I was going to have over leaving at crunch time. I was taught to finish a job. I think the majority of the stress on my wife's part has more to do with having two kids start school this week and also wanting to barf all of the minutes that she's awake. Now that those two things are starting to settle down and the week is starting to draw to a close things are going better for her.

In other news I've become completely addicted to Facebook this week. As if making contact with old friends wasn't elixir enough for the soul, they're all swapping virtual plants to save the rain forest. I'm not one to pass up a chance to rack up points online. Those guys are all way ahead of me. While I'm on the subject, my friend Florence runs this totally bitchin goth shop online. I've never really been into that whole scene but there's a couple things on there I might actually pick up. The "Dead Duck" is one, it's your basic rubber ducky but it comes in Black No. 1. I'm not sure the kids will get it though. Anyway, if you're feeling dark or know somebody who is, check out Amalthea's Attic.

While my brain is still humming, thatgirl tagged me to do a meme, which is the fancypants blog writer word for write-down-stuff-about-yourself-and-send-it-to-folks. So I'm going to hop over to The Mister and stick up a quick post before I finally hit the rack. Keep your chin up, it's almost Friday. Time for a quick haiku before I go...

Week is almost done
New job will start soon I hope
Hello health care perks

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