Friday, September 12, 2008

In My Head

I've been working with a guy the last couple of weeks who has some electrical experience and is hopefully going to be able to take over my duties when I leave for my new job. He's not bad at it and improving all the time so no worries there. He's not real fond of the conditions though. He misses the rest of the crew. When you wire an 800 foot long pole barn with twenty-five foot ceilings you spend most of your time pulling wires along the ceiling in a lift. The most you ever interact with the rest of the people around you is the occasional shouted greeting or question.

I enjoy it myself. I like keeping my own pace and not holding anyone else up or waiting for them to catch up. Not having to keep up conversation is another plus. I've got plenty going on inside my own cranium, I don't really need to keep up a constant stream of dick jokes to make the day go by.

A sample of today's stream of conciousness:

While listening to the new Metallica album on the radio:
This is crap. Still not impressed guys. You spent HOW many months and millions of dollars and the kids up the road are making more interesting music than you?

Which got me thinking about building a tube amp for Anthony this winter:
I wonder if I'll need a voltage regulator? I need to look up tube performance curves. I hope it doesn't turn out to be noisy. I wonder if having selectable plate voltage is a viable means of tone control.

Then I catch sight of the cows in the part of the barn that's finished:
Man do those chicks have it easy. Soft bed to lay on, big pile of food, no predators. I should look into getting my masters in chewing the cud so I can take it easy around here.

Not particularly exciting, but having a constant flow of stuff to wonder about is one of the central joys of my life. Not that this is a crack on any of the guys, but I can't even imagine having a dripping faucet for a stream of consciousness. What must it be like to have nothing grander on the easel of your imagination than a beer after work and what's on TV?

Anyway, here's hoping that you've got some decent cud to chew as you tackle the monotony of your day.

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  1. Hey didn't want you to think that nobody reads this, although, I have to admit I am reading this because you posted them on your other blog, I don't normally come to this one! But keepin it simple is what you do best!

  2. I wonder exactly how much time this thing is going to take. I'm just paying for it, I can't imagine all the crap you have to figure out for this. Hopefully, eventually, we can both just make amps on the side. Make some extra money. I know a vacation sounds as good to you, as it does to me.


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