Sunday, September 07, 2008

Facebook, not lame?

Jon Dayton's Facebook profile
The other day I joined Facebook. I did this mostly so I could see what The Missus was doing over there, the same way that she would log in to my MySpace account. Now don't go jumping to conclusions and start thinking that we're a suspicious bunch over here. She would log in so she could click on people and see who she knew, sort of like the home game of Six Degrees of Separation. That, and our friend John Beckler writes some hilarious shit on his MySpace blog. I don't know why she joined Facebook, but it lead to her regaining contact with someone she hadn't seen since college. It got my interest up and one day last week I started in.

I didn't put a lot of effort in at first. Looking at a few pages from people I know I didn't think I wanted to have a peace garden that everyone could contribute to, or get a cow thrown at me. A week into it I'm still not sure what a poke is and if I ever want to experience one. So I was cautious about who I approved to be my friend. There were a few people from college who popped up on the "People you might know" list that I passed over, only to have them hit me with a request a few days later.

The thing that really cemented the value of it for me was when my ol' buddy Sam Betts hit me up. I still maintain contact with my four closest friends from school and they keep me filled in on what the rest of the crew is doing. But my good buddy Sam had slipped through the cracks. He had a rep for being the world's largest invisible man anyway, so no big surprise that I couldn't find him. Well there he was, grinning at me in photo-icon format and I almost leaped from my chair. Whaddaya know... it's not lame after all, despite what roughly a million people think about the new layout (I never saw the old one).

So now, at least while Facebook is my new toy, I'm spending a little time tricking out my profile page (modestly, cause really, if I wanted a page full of junk I've already got one of those at MySpace) and savoring the contents of my inbox. Sometimes two or three times a day I'm exchanging blurbs with people that I have had no contact with for over ten years. And so far I haven't been inundated with mini-applications to clutter things up. Nice job Facebook.

So now I'm taking a little bit of a risk and opening things up to blog readers. I figure I already know most of you in real life anyway. But then there's the totally random internet friendship that has arisen between thatgirl, myself and The Queen Mum, so it's not like there aren't people out there in California or Spain who might be stalking reading this as well. What the hell I say, there's already pics of the fam up on our blogs, and I'm sending people from Facebook over here, so I guess it won't hurt to send traffic the other way.

Any would-be stalkers should just know that my wife is a crack shot with her .44 Magnum, the children all know ju-jitsu, and anyone who tries to steal my identity will be eliminated by a man who just likes to be called "The Cleaner". Yeah, that's right, I have a hit man, we went to college together, I went into production, he works for "the Family". I don't know what I'm worried about anyway though, you can't steal debt and my children would seriously drive their captors out of their skulls before they got to the end of the street, I've got nothing to worry about. So please... come invade my personal details. I'd love to meet my readers on Facebook. Just try not to throw any cows at me.

P.S. If you hit me up to be my friend, send along a message with the request. Just put the name of the blog or just "blog" on there so I know it's not some totally random stranger approaching me.

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  1. I like facebook for social networking and keeping track of my friends but its no bueno when it comes to discovering bands. I find the layout of myspace to be nauseating so I've been using to find and follow new music acts.

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I agree... I'll check out putiton as I am in dire need of some new jams! peace-


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