Thursday, September 04, 2008

Eye of the Storm

Last night and today were as much of a roller coaster as I've ever been on in my life. They consisted of my former boss calling me and saying things that made me want to vomit, and then having the people around me pray for me and straighten me out. It came down to the end game this morning. It got about as bad as it could possibly get. Then I talked to my Dad and he somehow got the world right side up for me then. It was at that point that I realized I was in the eye of the storm.

Totally biblical. Circumstances raging around me, upheaval, stress, panic, and in the middle of it... a tiny little room with sanity for wallpaper that God made for me. I stepped in. Looking out the peep hole, the storm was still there, in my little room, sanity, and quiet. I stayed there all afternoon. By dinner time, it had all played out. Bluffs called, points made, situations 90% cleared up. I won't be talking about anythings specific relating to this. If you're in the inner circle give me a call and I'll fill you in, this is the last public airing of this.

In other news, I added another widget. I realized that there were about a dozen other blogs I check that aren't by people who want to blog for a living. These are people I know from the neighborhood mostly, and I wanted to include them in the fun and maybe send a few hits their way.

That's it for now. I'm spent. I'm goin' back in the room.

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  1. i'm number 1!!!

    "In No Particular Order" My ass!

  2. They'll be different tomorrow. It's based on how recently you've updated.

  3. oh... fancy, looks like Ill have to update more often.

    Glad to hear things are looking brighter, keep us updated, and if you find a free moment turn on a radio (bristol mtn or the SWL).

  4. I really liked this..


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