Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All In The Timing

In the middle of last month I was pretty much having a nervous breakdown about my job. That phrase gets bandied about a lot these days, but things were pretty fupped duck over here. I was depressed, confused, and a lot of other things that I'm usually not. It came to a head when I sat at the computer one night and wrote a post (quoted below). Read over that and then scroll down for the punch line.

I Give Up

I'm done with putting a brave face on things. I feel like seventeen different flavors of shit, from morning till night. I'm exhausted, everything hurts, I have no concentration, everything pisses me off. I'm sick to death of having nothing left for my family. And at home I'm sick of getting punched in the eye by the baby, shrieked at by the middle one, and either sulked at or made to play characters in a never ending play drama by the big one. I'm tired of the house looking like trailer trash live here, and being too worn out to do anything about it. I'm sick of sitting around numb late at night waiting for a small burst of energy to be able to talk to my wife.

OK God... I need another job. Immediately. I want to give two weeks notice at the end of the week and be done with construction by the middle of September. I want superhuman strength and concentration, un-swerve-able will to clean my house and be nice to my family. I want time to have conversations with my friends and play with my radios. I want to be able to pay my bills and my debts, all of them. And I need you to either make it happen this week or I'm not going to be able to control myself anymore. I'm about to develop a serious drinking problem, I'm about to start punching holes in the walls.


The punch line is:

I got hired by my new boss on September 15th. Why is that a punchline? Because I laugh out loud at how good God is to me, undeserving as I am. So that's my version of a clip show. Maybe tomorrow I'll sit down and write an actual post.

Oh yeah... that bit about cleaning the house and being nice to the kids? That worked out pretty well too. I wrote about it on my daddy blog The Mister.

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  1. Mister, that is so awesome, its soo cool to see how God works in our lives. Brian and I were having the same conversation last night. He is having some issues with the women that he as to work with (we won't get into that), But he was saying that as trying as she is to deal with everyday, he still stops at least once a day and says out loud in his office, Thank You GOD! He said that at about 7PM when he is coming home for the night it hits him that this is when he would be taking his first break at TOPS Distribution Center. and At 8:30 when He gets to take Hayden to school, That is when he would be getting up to go to UB or coming home from TOPS/Target all nighter!

  2. I love how you framed this.


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