Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Beers

An old drinking buddy just sent me a fwd, which is something I ordinarily hate, but he doesn't do it very frequently and only sends the good stuff. This one's motivational, which I also ordinarily hate, but hear it out.

Some students walked into philosophy class one day to see that the professor had an empty jar on the podium. When they were all seated he opened a box of golf balls and emptied it into the jar, filling it to the brim. He then asked the students if the jar was full to which the answer was, "yes".

He then opened another box and poured small pebles in the jar, shaking it until all the spaces between the golf balls were filled. He asked again if it was full and the reply was a quizzical, "yes?" Next, out came a box of sand which he sifted in until the all the remaining voids were full. "Is this thing full yet?" he asked. It was, the class was positive.

The prof went on to relate that the golf balls represented all the important things in your life. Family, religion, work, home, etcetera, if you were left with only the golf balls your life would still be full. The pebbles stood for all the smaller things that take up our time, meals, cleaning, bills, yard work, and so on. The sand is all the pesky annoying stuff that serves to pack in our schedules.

The students all sat back with a grin or two at the cheesy life lesson that the prof had illustrated when he reached under the podium again and pulled out two cans of beer and proceeded to pour them into the jar. When the last drop had filtered its way down into the remaining air space, the prof looked up and delivered the final moral of the story:

No matter how packed your life gets... there's always room for a couple beers!


  1. Good point, professor. Now please explain how a couple of beers fits in a vessel that is full o'baby. I don't want any beers now, but I will in a month or so. Because I always do.


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