Monday, August 04, 2008

How I Mixed A Show Via Txt Message

This is an exchange via txt message that took place while a band I mix for was in the (not) tender loving care of another sound guy, apparently a college sophomore by the sound of the bloke. The other person in the exchange is Amanda, the band's slave intern.

4:23 Amanda: Dearest jon dayton – know that you are beloved by the Relevant crew.

4:24 Myself: I just heard from them. Wish I could help.

7:39 A: you know… I think I could do a better mixing job than this guy. The vocals are pretty much muffled and they’re blaming Anth’s mic for the fact that he wasn’t in the house at all. (The singer brings his own Beta-57 to sing on. Ed.)

7:41 M: Go stick your elbow in the schmuck, take all the bottom out the male vocals and turn down the guitars.

7:42 A: Lol. I wish I could. I’ll do it in my head though.

7:43 M: No seriously, if nobody else has the bricks for it, you have to.

7:52 A: But other people actually know what they are doing, I do not. I need to read a live sound book.

7:53 M: Just tell the guy to roll off a LOT of lows from the boys and turn down the strings. Your sound guy said so.

7:55 A: He’s already been told to. He decided that turning up the highs was a better idea. It’s already a tough room to mix and this is just making it worse.

7:55 M: Get me this guy’s phone number.

8:04 A: He fixed it.
I can only imagine the thoughts going through this guy's head as the cute band chick comes over to ask for his phone number, only to find out that an angry sound guy wants to have words with him. Ha! Life is good!


  1. I believe you can actually automate this on some of those high-end consoles, but having "the cute band chick" come over and drop the dude works just as good.

  2. This is true, a lot of the new digital consoles do have an automated "suck" feature, which really takes the work out of screwing over bands that piss off the sound guy.


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