Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging On

I'm getting ready to quit my job. I've actually been ready for almost a month, but prudence dictates that I have something else lined up before I live out that famous Johnny Paycheck song. At the end of July the last guy that was on the job when I started quit. That got me to thinking. I've only been at the company for six months, and not only am I not working with any of the people I started with, I'm not working with any of the guys that replaced them either.

To add to the problem, I told the boss one morning that I as thinking about leaving, not cut out for it, tired all the time, in pain all the time. So he made me a crew chief. It was enough stress just pulling my own weight and making sure the guy on either side of me didn't fuck up, now he wants me to lead some or all of the crew though things that I've done only once or never.

Anyway, the cool thing that happened in the midst of all the delerium was one of the songs in the show I'm mixing this week. There I sat, dog tired, in the back of the aud watching Jesus Christ Superstar for the second time in my life and trying to keep all the characters straight when Mary Magdalene's number "All Right" comes up. She tries to soothe J.C. after a rough day and it has lots of lovely sentiment in it to the effect of - forget everything and get a good night's sleep. I nearly cried the first time I paid attention to the lyrics. To my mind one of the best lines in the show is hers, "Let the world turn without you tonight."

So there I sat, sniffeling, wishing somebody would take me aside and soothe me and sing to me. Then God seemed to point out to me that he might possibly have had something to do with the choice of show and my sudden availability to work on it (My other yearly second-weekend-in-August gig finally gave me the boot. I've been trying to get fired from that miserable affair for years, but that's another post.) Anyway, God seemed to be saying that someone was singing that song for me. Not that the actress was dedicating the number to me or anything, but that in the middle of the chaos there was one scene that was easy to mix and I could just sit there and enjoy my work and be comforted by that song.

That's all I got. I'm surprised that there was even that much of a coherent thought in the parboiled mush between my ears. I'm going to go get into the bourbon and go to sleep.

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